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Translation Assistant

Real-time document language
translation at your fingertips

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Overcome language barriers and communication challenges

More and more, organizations need to communicate with people who speak different languages. Businesses, schools and government agencies are at a disadvantage when trying to scan documents to translate into the native language of their customers, students, parents and constituents. It costs time and money to break the language barrier. Translation Assistant provides real-time document translation for any business, school or government organization’s Lexmark multifunction printer (MFP). Just scan documents in the original language using a Lexmark MFP, select the appropriate output language from several choices, and receive a translated document within minutes. The translated documents can then be printed or emailed directly to recipients, streamlining and improving communications with customers, students, parents and constituents.

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Lexmark Video

Lexmark Translation Assistant Overview

Overcoming language barriers is a problem that Lexmark is ready to help you overcome. In this video, Lexmark's Eric McCann talks through the Lexmark Translation Assistant solution and dives into the overview and intent of the tool to help you understand what challenges it addresses, what customers it’s geared towards what the overall functionality that of the solution offers.

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Lexmark Video

Lexmark Translation Assistant Demonstration

Deby Oliver, Lexmark SLED Industry Consultant, demonstrates the Lexmark Translation Assistant, the cloud solution that offers real-time document language translation at your fingertips.

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