Assembly for 7016 - Paper trays

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CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
03 ACM (autocompensator mechanism) assembly 40X8262 $49.91 In Stock
04 Pick roller assembly 40X8443 $12.52 In Stock
05 Separator roll assembly 40X8444 $24.62 In Stock
01a 250-Sheet tray complete 40X8287 $224.96 In Stock
01b 550-Sheet tray complete 40X8286 $241.57 In Stock
01c 550-Sheet lockable tray complete 40X9654 $333.60 In Stock
06a 250-sheet tray insert, option only 40X8528 $102.84 In Stock
06b 550-sheet tray insert, option only 40X8529 $108.69 In Stock
02a Dust cover, 250-sheet tray 40X8520 $57.51 In Stock
02b Dust cover, 550-sheet tray 40X8521 $58.98 In Stock

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