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Assembly for 0464-x50 - 250- and 550-sheet tray options 2

Model Number:

Related Models:

CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
02 Sensor (pass‑through) 41X1093 USD 5.96 In Stock
08 Media size sensor 40X7911 USD 8.65 In Stock
04a Right cover (optional 250-sheet tray) 41X1653 USD 17.41 In Stock
04b Right cover (optional 550-sheet tray) 41X1661 USD 21.28 In Stock
07a Front cover (250-sheet tray insert) 41X1651 USD 20.41 In Stock
07b Front cover (550-sheet tray insert) 41X2304 USD 15.78 In Stock
10a Controller board (optional 250-sheet tray) 41X1657 USD 35.38 In Stock
11a Left cover (optional 250-sheet tray) 41X1652 USD 19.29 In Stock
11b Left cover (optional 550-sheet tray) 41X1660 USD 19.55 In Stock
15a Rear cover (optional 250-sheet tray) 41X1654 USD 17.15 In Stock
15b Rear cover (optional 550-sheet tray) 41X1662 USD 16.64 In Stock
06 Tray 1 pick roller 41X1108 USD 6.36 In Stock
03 Sensor (pick) 41X1094 USD 5.96 In Stock
05 Paper size sensor actuator 41X1120 USD 2.44 In Stock
01 Interface cable 41X1655 USD 10.54 In Stock
09 Motor (transport) 41X1656 USD 24.69 In Stock
10b Controller board (optional 550-sheet tray) 41X2194 USD 35.38 In Stock
12 Paper feeder 41X1107 USD 45.16 In Stock
13, 14 Sensor 41X1083 USD 3.26 In Stock

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