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Assembly for 0464-SHP - Covers

Model Number:

Related Models:

CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
05 Stapler cartridge holder 40X7466 USD 61.15 In Stock
07 Sensor (bin - paper present) 41X0724 USD 16.14 In Stock
01 Top cover 40X8547 USD 41.82 In Stock
02 Staple, hole punch finisher right cover 41X1719 USD 47.72 In Stock
03 Staple cartridge access door 41X1701 USD 14.00 In Stock
04 Hole punch box 41X2202 USD 58.14 In Stock
08 Staple, hole punch finisher left cover 41X1718 USD 34.65 In Stock
09 Left staple cartridge access door 41X2166 USD 17.15 In Stock
06 Standard bin LED 41X1704 USD 19.29 In Stock

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