Assembly for 7530-878 - Miscellaneous

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CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
NS RS-232C serial interface card 40X4819 $350.88   Constrained Get ETA
NS MarkNet N8370 Wireless Print Server 41X2543 $486.60   Low Stock
NS Adapterā€“Fiber gigabit ISP 40X9652 $1,187.04   Constrained Get ETA
NS 500 GB SATA hard disk drive 40X9934 $409.32   In Stock
NS USB cable, packaged (2 m) 40X1368 $18.58   Low Stock
NS MarkNet N8372 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless print server (MX431, MB3442, XM1342) 41X1872 $371.93   In Stock
NS MarkNet N8230 Fiber Ethernet 100BASEFX (LC), 1000BASE-SX (LC) (Fiber + side backpack) 41X1945 $1,736.57   Constrained Get ETA
NS Cover kit, removable hard disk drive 40X8671 $454.68   Low Stock
NS Keyboard, English 41X0045 $1,180.89   Unknown Get ETA
NS Surge Protective Device, 110-120V 41X0357 $105.16   Low Stock
NS Surge Protective Device, 220-240V 41X0370 $128.45   Constrained Get ETA
NS Serial ISP with backpack adapter 41X0020 $529.65   Unknown Get ETA
NS Cleaning kit 41X1007 $34.96   In Stock
NS Parallel ISP backpack kit 41X0021 $520.96   Unknown Get ETA
NS Intelligent Storage Drive ( (ISD), 128GB 41X2854 $289.03   Unknown Get ETA
NS Trusted platform module (TPM) card 41X2873 $38.19   Unknown Get ETA

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