Assembly for 7528 - Assembly 3: Control panel

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CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
02 Control panel front cover (blank) 41X0543 $26.74   Low Stock
04 Button kit, Control panel (7-inch) 41X0207 $36.09   In Stock
01a Bezel (CX725) 41X0875 $17.85   Unknown Get ETA
01b Bezel (CX727) 41X2064 $15.67   Unknown Get ETA
01c Bezel (XC4140) 41X1035 $21.16   Low Stock
01d Bezel (XC4143) 41X2856 $6.70   Constrained Get ETA
01e Bezel (XC4150) 41X0876 $17.85   Unknown Get ETA
01f Bezel (XC4153) 41X2857 $6.70   Constrained Get ETA
01g Bezel (blank) 41X0874 $16.95   Constrained Get ETA
03 Control panel (7-inch) board 41X1150 $382.28   In Stock
05 Control panel tub 41X0573 $35.40   Low Stock
06 Control panel pivot gear 41X0572 $21.40   Low Stock

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