Assembly for 5028 - Assembly 10: Electrical

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CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
03 Sensor Weather station 41X0785 $37.75   Low Stock
08 Sensor (input) 41X0385 $19.28   Low Stock
01 Controller board 41X0267 $878.31   Constrained Get ETA
02 TMC card 41X0394 $40.48   Low Stock
04 High voltage power supply 41X0270 $200.43   Low Stock
05 Toner cartridge contact 41X0382 $33.98   Low Stock
06 Sensor (waste toner contact) 41X0486 $23.50   Constrained Get ETA
07 Sensor (MPF paper present) 41X0566 $23.73   Low Stock
10 Sensor (TPS) 41X0383 $98.84   Low Stock
11 Control panel USB cable 41X0441 $23.88   Constrained Get ETA
12 Low voltage power supply
On Exchange
  In Stock
NS Cable replacement pack 41X0413 $171.02   Low Stock
NS Control panel FFC cable 41X0418 $33.51   Low Stock
NS Speaker cable 41X0420 $15.90   Constrained Get ETA
NS TPS cable 41X0575 $24.47   Low Stock
NS Control panel cable kit 41X0719 $27.35   Low Stock
16 Paper size sensor cable 41X3710 $23.50   In Stock
14 Main fan 41X0397 $48.33   Low Stock
09 TPS wipers 41X0578 $15.22   Constrained Get ETA
13 Fuser fan 41X0398 $28.61   In Stock
15 Controller board shield 41X1906 $57.88   Unknown Get ETA

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