Assembly for 7527 - Operator panels

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Related Models:

CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
02b USB (thumbdrive) cable
40X5480 Unavailable   Low Stock
13 4.3” Touchscreen display 40X7116 Unavailable   In Stock
02a USB (thumbdrive) cable, CX410 40X7836 Unavailable   Constrained Get ETA
03a Bezel, CX510 40X7818 Unavailable   Low Stock
03b Bezel, XC2132 40X8709 Unavailable   Unknown Get ETA
07 Cable (interface card to UICC) 40X7828 Unavailable   Constrained Get ETA
09a Upper front cover, CX510 40X7838 Unavailable   Low Stock
09b Upper front cover, CX310, CX410 40X7839 Unavailable   Unknown Get ETA
10a Front logo cover, CX310, CX410 40X7808 Unavailable   Constrained Get ETA
10b Front logo cover, CX510 40X7816 Unavailable   Low Stock
11a User interface support bracket, CX310, CX410 40X7840 Unavailable   Unknown Get ETA
11b User interface support bracket, CX510 40X7841 Unavailable   Low Stock
14a Operator panel bezel, CX410 40X7803 Unavailable   Constrained Get ETA
14b Operator panel bezel, CX310 40X7817 Unavailable   Unknown Get ETA
15 2.4" display w/UICC card, CX310 40X7821 Unavailable   Constrained Get ETA
4C Operator panel and display assembly (CX510 and XC2132) 41X0912 Unavailable   In Stock
01a UICC to controller card cable, CX310, CX410 40X7835 Unavailable   Low Stock
01b UICC to controller card cable, CX510 40X7837 Unavailable   Low Stock
NS Speaker 40X6517 Unavailable   Unknown Get ETA

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