Assembly for 5026-3+5 - Front

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CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
02 Screws Parts packet 40X5136 $100.76   Constrained Get ETA
03 Right bellcrank assembly with spring 40X1446 $8.13   Low Stock
04 MP feeder/duplex drive parts packet 40X5132 $37.58   Constrained Get ETA
10 Front door parts packet
A—Front access door cap (1)
B—Right cable assembly (1)
C—Front access cover pivot (1)
D—Left cable assembly (1)
E—Front access door straps (2)
F—Front access door bracket (1)
40X5111 $16.87   Low Stock
11 Duplex reference edge assembly 40X5113 $33.68   Low Stock
01 C73x, C74x, X73x, X74x Fuser Maintenance 110-120V
On Exchange
  Low Stock
01 C73x, C74x, X73x, X74x Fuser Maintenance 220-240V 40X8111 $488.35   In Stock
01 C73x, C74x, X73x, X74x Fuser Maintenance 100V, Japan only 40X8112 $413.49   Constrained Get ETA
05 Cranklift spring and metal clip 40X6319 $2.43   Constrained Get ETA
06 Paper pick assembly 40X8308 $127.93   Low Stock
12 Front door assembly 40X5995 $86.67   Low Stock
13 Transfer module Maintenance Kit 40X6401 $388.45   In Stock
07 Pick arm roll 40X5152 $4.75   In Stock
08 550-Sheet paper tray assembly 40X5999 $128.65   In Stock
09 MPF pick arm assembly 40X6496 $20.19   Constrained Get ETA
NS Cartridge guide wheels 40X8554 $7.50   Constrained Get ETA
14 Left bellcrank assembly with spring 40X1447 $8.13   Low Stock

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