Assembly for 7462 - Fuser and LVPS card

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01a Fuser assembly 110-120V, type 1
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01b Fuser assembly 220-240V, type 1 40X1871 $632.80   Low Stock
01c Fuser assembly 100V, Japan only, type 1 40X1870 $459.19   Constrained Get ETA
01d Fuser assembly for Special Media 110-120V, type 2
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01e Fuser assembly for Special Media 220-240V, type 2 40X5855 $606.14   Constrained Get ETA
01f Fuser assembly for Special Media 100V, type 2 40X5853 $459.19   Constrained Get ETA
02 Fuser interface cable assembly 40X4419 $31.02   Constrained Get ETA
04 Print cartridge cooling fan, three wire 40X4359 $28.93   Low Stock
05 Duplex cooling fan, two wire 40X4356 $20.49   Constrained Get ETA
06 Print cartridge cooling fan cable assembly 40X4360 $5.50   Constrained Get ETA
07 Duplex cooling fan cable assembly 40X4357 $5.50   Constrained Get ETA
08 Sensor shield assembly 40X1866 $6.36   Constrained Get ETA
09 Toner density sensor cable assembly 40X4379 $6.64   Constrained Get ETA
03 LVPS card assembly, X651, X652, X654, X656
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03 LVPS card assembly with fan, X658 40X2072 $291.34   Low Stock
10 Sensor (toner density) 40X4378 $20.38   Low Stock

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