Assembly for 7462 - ADF feed and drive

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CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
01 ADF feed / pick roll assembly 40X4540 $162.01   In Stock
02 Tension spring 40X4545 $4.17   Low Stock
03 Feed motor assembly with belt and cable 40X7213 $98.40   Constrained Get ETA
04 Transport motor bracket assembly with cable 40X4544 $65.75   Low Stock
05 Rear transport drive gear and pulley kit 40X2759 $7.58   Constrained Get ETA
06 Feed one-way bearing and gear kit 40X2749 $22.39   Low Stock
07 Pinch roll assembly 40X4542 $38.58   Low Stock
08 Front transport drive gear, pulley, and belt kit 40X2760 $21.42   Low Stock
09 ADF solenoid assembly 40X4548 $33.75   Low Stock
10 Pick roll position cam assembly 40X2761 $8.26   Low Stock
11 ADF separator roll and guide 40X4605 $23.01   In Stock
12 ADF separator roll 40X6406 $26.55   In Stock
13 Torque limiter 40X7214 $29.11   In Stock
14 Bushing 6 mm 40X2750 $3.99   Low Stock

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